My first full day in Dublin was spent walking from Killiney Beach all the way to the top of Killiney Hill and back down to Dalkey. It’s about a 30 minute DART ride outside of the city centre and well worth the time it takes. The journey down is scenic taking in views of the coastline and you can get off at either Killiney or Dalkey. It was a lovely day and I got some beautiful views from the top.

First I walked down and along the beach until I found  an alleyway that started leading me all the way up to the top of Killiney Hill.

Once at the top there are some beautiful views of the Wicklow Mountains and Eastern coast of Ireland. Walking around you can also see Dublin off in the distance and Dalkey Island right next to you off the coast. A fantastic but windy lookout. 

I was pretty impressed with myself looking down at the beach I’d just walked from. A lot of work for a Sunday. Then it was time to make my way back down the other side of the hill towards Dalkey, where I boarded the train back to Pearse station and the centre of Dublin.

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