Here I’m going to explain how to set up your own google map as a way to keep ideas. I usually make these for cities I’m definitely going to, so I can store places I want to go. Everything from the hotel I’m staying at to a list of restaurants that are recommended in the area. A way to see everything I want to bookmark in one place and see how far away things are from each other. Also, I use it as a sort of bucket list. I’ll show you how to set up a simple map for making a bucket list of places to visit in the US, but the principal is the just the same for making maps of smaller areas, just type in the name of a place you want to go and add it to your map. You can make as many maps as you want, so you can separate it out into categories if you like.


Before you start you need to have a google account. Go to Google Maps and log in with your account so you save an information. Log in, should be in the top right hand corner. Then click the 3 lines in the top left hand corner, on this picture above it says menu when you hover over it.


This screen should appear. We’re going to click on “Your places”.


There’s four tabs at the top, we want the last one “MAPS”. In my account, I’ve already got a bunch of maps I’ve made. Yours might be empty.


Right at the bottom it says “CREATE MAP”. Click there to make your map.


Now we have a new untitled map that will automatically save in “Your places”. What we want to do is name it so we know what we want to click on later. Click where it says “Untitled map” in the top left hand corner.


This will pop up where we can change the name and even add a little description.


I’ve named mine US Dream List. Now we can search google maps just like usual, by typing a place in the search box at the top. This example is using the most popular tourist city in the US, New York City. Press enter or one of the options that comes up below the search bar to continue.


It is not added to your map until you press “+ Add to map” so you can search without adding anything until you find the right place.


Now you have that placed saved in your map. If you want to go back into it click into the map on “Your places” under the name you saved it, then “Open in My Maps” to start editing or adding to it again. New York has shown up as a little blue marker, as will anywhere else you add.


Here’s an example with some popular places, so you can then use this to plot out where you want to go and how to get between places. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Happy planning!


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