At Christmas I met my family in Johannesburg Tambo airport to experience the holidays in a different place. We split our time between Pretoria and Cape Town. One of the most important things for us to do as a family was to go on safari. But Kruger is far away and we had limited time to do it. So I found a photography tour called Khakiweed Photgraphic Safaris that offers one day tours to the much nearer Pilanesberg Game Reserve. There’s only one guide who takes you out there, Dave. He picked us up from our hotel and drove us out to the park. There was even a camera for me to use with an amazing zoom lens, really made us able to get spectacular photos. We spent the whole day together and heard amazing stories and the conversation was always interesting. Dave was a knowledgable and interesting guide, I would highly recommend booking with him for a tour. You can find him on trip advisor and check out other reviews too.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any big cats on our trip, but the park has the big five and plenty more besides. There’s been a drought recently so the animals aren’t having an easy time of it over there, sadly. Probably the most memorable part was nearly being charged by an elephant. Even with the safest precautions these are wild animals! It was good to get a reminder early on in the day, because it’s easy to forget in your big 4×4 sometimes. Here’s some photos from the day, they were all taken with the amazing camera Dave let me use!


An absolutely perfect day. Well, nearly perfect. Would’ve loved to have seen one the big cats but it was fun running around trying to find them.

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