People say that I’m opinionated. I’m sure some think that I live to contradict rather than truly believe the things I do. Which is why I’m sure a lot of people think my enjoyment of roller coasters comes from needing to be a special snowflake of quirkiness and originality. That look of, or actually vocalization of “Of course you do” luckily has not taken anything away from my enjoyment of riding roller coasters. I’m not a statistics geek (though I’ve picked up a few), I sometimes follow construction but when it comes to roller coasters one thing is true; my enjoyment of them is not with pretence or for show. They are machines that help me to stay in the moment even for a short while. I think people are uncomfortable with technology and manipulation of human emotions, it’s a strange thing to consider, but it’s bloody interesting to me.

Twisted Colossus

Now the title of this is of course misleading, isn’t everything you click on to on the Internet (we’re used to it now, clickhole does a good job of parodying it). If you suffer from motion sickness or something, I don’t blame you. I’m pretty certain I have vertigo as even when I watch videos of things in high places my feet tingle like a bitch, but I’m pretty certain that adds to the thrill of my coaster experience. Roller coasters aren’t for everybody, but maybe you should try. You’re scared? Good. The best times of our lives happen just after doing something scary and new and brilliant and roller coasters are the safest way to feel that whenever you want to.

Full Throttle aka Yolocoaster

And if you want to go to roller coaster heaven, then you should go to Six Flags Magic Mountain. This was my second time to the park. The first time I was like a kid in a candy store and let me tell you that the second time it was still bloody brilliant even if I wasn’t looking through such rose-tinted glasses. The collection of coasters is out to be boombastic. This is a loud, stupid and brash theme park and I love it’s unapologetic YOLO-ness. Magic Mountain comes under so much scrutiny in the theme park community, especially by the spoilt SoCal resident roller coaster enthusiasts who get to visit it the most. Don’t we all just love what we lack and take for granted what is close by.

The entrance to Twisted Colossus

This trip to SFMM was specifically for Twisted Colossus. I’m not usually one for following coaster construction like a hawk but something about this coaster piqued my interest. A fun, weird, unique, mix of old and new that has the added element of not always feeling like the same ride. Why doesn’t it always feel the same? Because sometimes it duels and sometimes it doesn’t and you get to egg the other coaster train on from the lift hill hoping that you sync up enough to get dueling trains. At this point I’ve got to say this is my favourite roller coaster in the world now. I’ll re-ride Intimidator 305 one day so I can really decide what my favourite is. Maybe I should just have an unordered top ten for roller coasters?

Green Lantern
Riddler’s Revenge
Superman: Escape from Krypton

There’s 19 coasters in the park. X2 is still more of an experience than a traditional coaster. Tatsu is a great flying coaster (and there are not enough flying coasters in the world). Goliath was closed but that’s fun from what I remember. Full Throttle, short but very sweet. Superman: Escape from Krypton, certainly not worth a long wait and I wish I’d have gotten to ride it the other way round (they changed the direction of the cars) and why did they get rid of Superman on the top, loved that detail. Revolution might actually be enjoyable after it gets it’s modifications this year. Green Lantern may hurt like hell, but you’ve got a fairly rare coaster type there. Revolution should be good after the restraints are changed, but is mainly there for historical value (the first modern coaster with an inversion).

Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, the drop tower attached to the side of Superman: Escape from Krypton

A big deal for me was going on the drop tower attached to Superman: Escape from Krypton. I get incredibly scared on drop towers, something that seems weird after all the coasters I’ve been on. This one is called Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom. The second tallest drop tower in the world. I wanted to be cool, I wanted to keep my eyes open the whole time, I wanted to possibly not just swear the entire way up… None of that happened. And it was horrible going up, but it was fine going down. I don’t know what I’m scared of? That it will just continue going up into the sky forever? I’m glad I did it, I’d like to conquer it again with my eyes open this time.

Me outside Twisted Colossus

This isn’t a perfect park, like most places they really could be more efficient with loading rides to reduce wait times. They might want to keep the park looking busy to increase the sale of flash passes and so you are forced to stay longer and spend more money. They don;t strike too bad of a balance with it, lines weren’t too awful (I think Tatsu was our worst line at around an hour). The food choices are awful, like all the Six Flags parks. The atmosphere could be better, theming of areas and maintenance could elevate the park. Some would prefer a more well-rounded experience but I’m happy with a coaster-crazy experience.


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