Not bragging, but I’ve been to every Disney park in the world. Disneyland in Anaheim lands straight in the middle for me. There’s a lot of positive here but it’s too busy to enjoy most of the joys. I’ve been here before, in November where it was busy but manageable. July is a nightmare. For crowds, even during a weekday, it is the most crowded park I’ve been to in the world. Tokyo Disneyland is probably a close second but it’s size and clientele mean the atmosphere is never spoilt.


Me in front of Disneyland castle

This wasn’t a bad trip to the park. I went twice with two very nice, easygoing people who basically didn’t mind me getting what I wanted done.  Had been on most of the rides before but some things were must dos for a repeat visit. On the first day, we headed to New Orleans Square first to eat in Cafe Orleans, I’d loved my meal there on my last visit but this time it was a little lacklustre. Still a nice setting in the park, good service and not crazy expensive.


Haunted Mansion queueline, the longest I’ve ever waited for this type of ride and still one of the shorter lines ofthe day

I did a few things I never do, mainly get pictures with me in! In front of the castle, with a princess and my favourite with Captain America. It wasn’t a well planned day, but rolling with the punches works well in a place like this. And before anyone expects me to complain about the castle, Hong Kong’s is smaller and in front of a mountain so is dwarfed anyway.


Photo with Tiana

What are the things I needed to do here? I thought I could go a trip without my favourite, Peter Pan’s Flight, but it was impossible. I left it until last and the new effects were magical. Big Thunder Mountain is now my favourite of its type in the world, again because of the new effects. Matterhorn is unique and fun. Star Tours II is much, much, much better than the original it’s a shame the queues are always long as it has multiple storylines and that makes it very re-rideable. Haunted Mansion, of course, even more so when it’s got the holiday overlay. They have the best Pirates of the Caribbean here. Indiana Jones is thrillingly amazing. There’s a few dark rides that are completely unique to Fantasyland you have to try. Basically everything is a must do.


California Adventure looking particularly stunning

Then there’s California Adventure. My park ticket was a hopper, so I went both days. A lot has changed in a few years and I liked the new additions. I skipped Soarin’ as I think it’s genuinely the most over-rated ride on the planet, I’m not sure what’s so amazing about fake hang gliding over stock footage of California on a big screen. Or why people queue up for such a long time for the privilege. Different strokes for different folks. California Screamin’ is still fun and memorable. Toy Story Mania is one of my favourites and it’s a little less popular here than in Florida which is great! It’s a nicer park to walk around than it’s original sister but it’s also less iconic.


The view of California Screamin’ from Fisherman’s Wharf


California Screamin’

A lot of people enjoy World of Colour but it’s not my bag, baby. That was new when I was here last, but I had no time on that trip to see it. The biggest edition since my last trip is Cars Land, which looks just as amazing as in the photos. It’s biggest attraction also has a single rider line, so you can make your wait a little shorter which is nice. Single rider lines are one of my favourite things.


My favourite part of World of Colour was this big ring of smoke that it puffed out




Part of Cars Land lit up at night

If this was my first visit, I would advise you to plan for the worst and by the worst I mean 1 hour queues for everything as an average. Have a priority list and get the stuff you really want done first. There are some queues that are unavoidable, the most notorious is Peter Pan’s Flight. Getting to this place at rope drop is essential but don’t expect to walk onto something even then. There’s a lot of people who know how to navigate this Disney better than me.

My two trips here were at the beginning and the end of the portion in Los Angeles. So I might post a little bit more about this destination.

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