This may sound like I’m incredibly absent minded but it appears I’ve forgotten to write up any of my travels this year! As I’m going to South Africa in about 3 weeks, I’ll try and get caught up with what happened this summer. Which was not ALL roller coasters!

In July, I went to Vietnam for a few days with my best friend from home, Liz. We visited Hoi An and had a lovely relaxing time by the beach, trying the local specialties and getting clothes made.

Then (with only one nights sleep at home in Hong Kong between) I did the longest flight I had ever been on; Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Did a lot of things in the LA area, then headed up to San Francisco before flying off to Texas. In Texas I spent most of my time in Austin but made the drive up to Dallas for (SHOCKER) a theme park.

So hopefully I’ll write those up before I’m away for Christmas! Can’t believe I thought I had already written this summer up. Eek.


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