When the panorama was added to digital cameras and phones it seemed like a fantastic idea. People were using the panorama setting all over the place. But where do you post panoramas? Most social media platforms either want you to crop it or make it too tiny to see. I love the panorama setting as there are just some locations that should be shown off with something more than a square frame or the traditional 4×6. They can be more breathtaking, the still version of the pan shot in your favourite movies. A way to really set the scene of a place. So here are some of my panoramas from over my years of travelling as my way of showing the medium some love. Click on the images to see the full view.

IMG_2698(1) IMG_2699(1)

The two sides of the Peak. First showing the skyscrapers of Hong Kong on the North of the Island, then the South side showing the beauty of Aberdeen and even Ocean Park.


The wishing tree festival, also in Hong Kong. I think you get more of a feel of the atmosphere from this panorama than you would a smaller shot.


This was taken at Twin Peaks in San Francisco.


Hoi An Boutique Resort in Vietnam.


Cua Dai Beach, Vietnam.


Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaido, Japan.


Tokyo DisneySea. The greatest theme park in the world as far as I know.

If you can’t share panoramas as easily, should we bother taking them at all? Do you love them, hate them or are you indifferent to them?

One thought on “The Wasted Potential of Panoramas

  1. I personally love panoramas! I think all the ones you posted are beautiful and portray the reasons why they were invited. To me panoramas capture more of the moment and provide more of an ambiance of the environment to reflect upon once you return back to your place of normalcy.

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