Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana, is a theme park based around the concept of holiday celebrations. July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween are the names of the four lands it is comprised of, plus there’s a water park called Splashing Safari. I was particularly excited to visit as the park boasts 3 famously good wooden roller coasters and you can get a Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner at any time of the year. That’s a pretty awesome combo.

My super healthy Thanksgiving dinner...
My super healthy Thanksgiving dinner…

The itinerary had been kept a surprise from us and it included ERT on basically everything, all the major coasters and… the water coasters… Which kind of don’t sound THAT exciting until you start realising these things look like just a regular raft ride but are actually propelled by magnets. If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about after my strange description here’s a video of Mammoth in action. It’s being propelled up those hills with magnets. Yes, magnets!

The Legend from our backstage tour where we got some great photos of the coasters and got to see where Thunderbird was being constructed.

The biggest coaster in the park is The Voyage, which looks impressive with its pretty multi-coloured flags jutting out of the top of the lift hill. The ride itself is half fantastic and half painful. The first half of the ride would be top 10 worthy, but it ends with such an intensely painful finish that it kind of ruins the thing. Next time can I get off halfway through? It also got better at night, under the stars that lift hill feels even more epic.

The Voyage
The Voyage

Another interesting ride, also in the Thanksgiving section, called Gobbler Getaway has you shooting turkeys. The other two wooden coasters: Raven and Legend were both really great too. Just not as extreme as The Voyage (thankfully that meant less painful). I really enjoyed this park especially it’s free soda and suncream, we really needed the suncream in that heat. We even had enough time to relax on sunbeds in the water park during the day. It was overall, a pretty perfect day. I would love to go back to Holiday World, especially as they have built a new steel coaster called Thunderbird.

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