I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about my last theme park stop, Six Flags New England and the theme is going to continue with Rye Playland. I arrived to an almost empty car park and headed to the entrance. I was in a great mood, driving and being next to the ocean do that to me, however my pleasant demeanour was met with the rudest employees I encountered on this 6 week trip. I’m English, so my standards for service are pretty minimal. When entering the park I imagined maybe it was just the two I encountered on the gate. However it was almost every employee, barking at people, rolling their eyes, making rude statements about customers. There was one girl who was operating a ride who was very good at her job and friendly and fantastic.


The park itself is small and is landscaped nicely. It’s not really worth the entrance fee, especially as you have to get a locker for the rides and the lockers aren’t by each ride. I should have left my bag in the car, but I did want some photos of the park. The location is great, with a promenade right next to the theme park with a beach. The most iconic ride there is Dragon, which is a wooden roller coaster that dives into the mouth of a dragon. Very nice to look at, an okay ride, but I had a bad experience on it. There were a lot of school trip there on this day and I got to the ride just before a huge bunch of them got there. They weren’t behaving that well, but they’re kids, I’m not going to be mad about it. It was just a little annoying.



When I went to get a seat, I sat right at the back and they put a kid next to me (There was a full train of kids with one supervising adult…). No problem. Of course they’re going to fill the train. However the restraint system is a bar that goes over both people, so hits the biggest person and won’t go down any further over the smaller one. The restraint went down fine and locked in, but obviously the gap between an adult and a 7 year old looks kind of big, so the guy (without asking or telling me what he was going to do) starts pushing down on the restraint with a lot of force. A metal bar being pushed down onto your legs is pretty painful, he continued to do it even harder even though I actually yelped in pain. It was only after asking him to stop a few times he actually stopped. Completely ignored me and sent the train. I had bruises from it on the top of my legs where he’d been putting his full weight on the bar.


There’s a wild mouse and a kiddie coaster or two. Which are just standard. The other roller coaster is the worst roller coaster I’ve ever been on and was so painful and horrible it felt like being in a medieval torture device. I didn’t bother spending any money on food there as I didn’t want to give the park any more money than I already had. By far the worst day of the trip.


Luckily next up was bigger and brighter things. An unplanned expedition into New York City.

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