My next stop was two nights in Philadelphia. I wasn’t in the centre of the city but instead I was near the airport. My hotel here was Four Points by Sheraton Philadelphia Airport and it was fine despite mixed reviews on tripadvisor. Definitely a good, cheap alternative to staying in the city centre. On my itinerary for Philadelphia; 4th July parade, CHEESESTEAKS, Kingda Ka and just walking around the city. It’s a lovely city to walk through! You can’t help but find historical markers and buildings all around the place.

Four Points by Sheraton Philadelphia Airport room. Nice bar in the hotel.
Four Points by Sheraton Philadelphia Airport room. Nice bar in the hotel.

First, the cheesesteaks. As I only spent two days in the area, I only had two cheesesteaks. It’s probably sacrilege but I had ‘one whiz with’ at Tony Luke’s (not the original location). But the one I really loved was at Campo’s Deli where I had the Italian Cheesesteak which had broccoli rabe and provolone with the thin slices of rib eye steak. Oh, I wish I had one now. Campo’s Deli had a lot of less traditional options, I’m glad I had one the regular way as it was fantastic but I would find the more interesting flavour combinations difficult to say no to.

The cheesesteak with whiz and fried onions at Tony Luke's.
The cheesesteak with whiz and fried onions at Tony Luke’s.

Campo’s Deli is on Market Street and Strawberry Street this area also had a lot of nice looking bars and some lovely boutique shops. The parade ran down the street and was very interesting with plenty of variety. The street was busy but even with the parade going by you could easily walk up and down this end of the town while the parade was on. Getting closer towards the end where the Liberty Bell is housed, it was much busier and it wasn’t as easy to move around that area.

The Blues Brothers car from the Independence Day parade in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia was a beautiful city and had a very different vibe from the other big cities along the East Coast. I wish I could have spent more time there exploring as there was a lot to see. One of the most historically rich cities, easy to walk around, lots of beautiful buildings and great places to eat and drink. I only had one full day before a long day of driving up towards New England.

The first post office in the United States.
Site where Benjamin Franklin used to live.


I would recommend a visit to Philadelphia to anyone making a trip to the East coast, it’s not too far from New York or Washington DC and is well worth the short journey. I didn’t stay in Philadelphia for the evening fireworks, as when it became late afternoon the place got progressively busier and I didn’t want to deal with big crowds.

I had been checking throughout the week to find out about Kingda Ka (the tallest roller coaster in the world, that was closed when I visited Six Flags Great Adventure). I decided the 4th of July was the perfect day to go back to Six Flags Great Adventure and hoped the queues would be short with everybody wanting a go on the new drop tower, Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom. I’m pretty nervous when it comes to drop towers and there was no way I could make myself go on a 400+ft one. It was a really light evening, I’d imagine most people were celebrating with family or friends. I got a few rides on Kingda Ka and even managed to ride El Toro a fair few times. Both of which were sensational. Kingda Ka may be a one trick pony, but it’s an amazing trick that really takes your breath away. El Toro is a ceaseless thrill ride with an incredible amount of airtime. You would be hard pressed to find someone (who isn’t afraid of roller coasters) who didn’t love El Toro.

Kingda Ka, the three orange supports are new drop tower Zumanjaro that is attached to it.
Superman: Ultimate Flight as seen from the car park of Six Flags Great Adventure.
The amazing El Toro!

One thought on “6 Weeks in the US: July 4th in Philadelphia

  1. That cheesesteak sounds really good! We had one recently at the original place, Pat’s, and I don’t think it was that great considering the cost so you’re probably wise to try something different.


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