The first theme park day of my trip was truly starting on a high. I was there before opening with a huge coffee to keep me company. I loved the view driving into the car park of Six Flags Great Adventure. Although Kingda Ka demands your immediate attention as you drive around that side of the park you get some glimpses of the number 1 rated wooden coaster in the world, El Toro and the entirety of Superman: Ultimate Flight, a cloned but decent flying B&M. However that isn’t even the beginning when it comes to what the park has to offer, it boasts a collection of 12 coasters. Like I said before one of which is frequently voted the best wooden coaster in the world, the tallest coaster in the world at 456ft high, 5 different B&M models (Batman: The Ride – Inverted, Superman: Ultimate Flight – Flying, Bizarro – Floorless, Nitro – Hyper and Green Lantern – Stand-Up) and an assortment of family coasters that make up the numbers. This is probably one of the best parks for a theme park enthusiast to sample a range of ride types.

My first order of the day was getting a Gold Flash Pass as queuing up alone without your personal items (they must be stored in a locker for a lot of the rides at this park) can be incredibly boring. Then I headed right towards Nitro as I didn’t want to start my day off with the high of El Toro. I wasn’t expecting much at all from this coaster but it is one of the most fun rides at the park. At the beginning of the day there was no queue at all I went around a couple of times without using the Flashpass at all. Then I made my way to Batman, a clone of a ride I have already experienced, this ride is forceful and snappy. I always ride in the back as you really feel like you are being whipped around like crazy.

One negative thing about the park is the same thing all Six Flags parks suffer from, a lack of enticing food options. Everything seems overpriced and terrible. I would advise that you only grab the meals you have to in the park. I made my way round the whole park and took plenty of pictures inbetween the rides. I would say there are 5 noteworthy rides here, two of which are clones you may have encountered at other parks. The unique ones are El Toro, Nitro, Kingda Ka and the clones Superman: Ultimate Flight and Batman: The Ride. El Toro is completely unmissable and worth the entry price alone, definitely try for a ride in the back row, however every row is amazing.

Next up I drove for just under 2 hours to Bethlehem, PA to my next hotel. This time I was in a Hyatt Place, which after this trip has probably become my brand of choice. My room was huge with a king sized bed and a sofa bed, it was almost two rooms really. This was my base for the next 3 nights while I explored Knoebels, Hersheypark and Dorney Park.

Coaster count: 11


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