Over the Easter holidays me and a friend made a short trip to Shenzhen to check out two of the theme parks just over the border. On the first day we went to OCT East, which is a huge complex that involves a tea picking valley as well as the theme park. It’s a hell of a long way to go, especially as there’s only really one coaster. It is a notable one, a wooden coaster in the Knight’s Valley section that meanders through the hillside. After getting lost on the way we ended up getting to the park at the busiest part of the day and had to queue over two hours to ride. I wish we had gotten there early and managed to ride a few times. The whole place is really lovely and there’s a few cool rides but you’re going to spend most of your time their walking, up hills, on the way to not very much at all. I’d love to visit again and stay overnight so we could have seen the other sections of OCT East.

We were staying in the centre of Shenzhen so that we could get easily to Happy Valley the next day. Which was a pretty awful experience. Telling us to get into queues and then telling us we were in the wrong ones. Rides “down for maintenance”, and I’m not talking about one ride, I’m talking about the two major roller coasters and pretty much every decent flat in the park. I would say half the park was actually closed. The good half. The food was awful, it was a grey and muggy day. The entire park was filled with school kids (who were hilarious, we were asked for a lot of photos and everyone wanted to say hello to us). Basically I don’t ever want to go back to this park, but I missed out on the main reason I went there (a launched S&S roller coaster) so maybe I will go over the border again to try and get the credit.


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