Spring 2013 I took a last minute trip to Singapore, mainly to visit Universal Studios Singapore. I did have plans to do some sightseeing in my whistle-stop tour of the city. Unfortunately, I got really sick and didn’t get to see any of the city apart from my hostel room. Fortunately, I got sick after visiting Universal so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.

I was really impressed with Singapore’s branch of the world famous theme park, especially how many unique attractions they have (or had in the case of the now defunct Battlestar Galactica coasters). Everything was fairly new and shiny and completely empty! I think I had been on every ride (some twice) by 1pm, with stops for photos. The only ride with a queue longer than 10 minutes was Transformers and that has a single rider line. Transformers is one of the most technologically advanced dark rides around and even if (like me) you hate the film franchise, the ride is incredibly immersive and enjoyable.

Far, Far, Away Land and the facade for Revenge of the Mummy are some of the best themed areas I have ever seen. Singapore’s Jurassic Park incarnation is wonderful (possibly my favourite), instead of a flume it is a rapid ride and the lift sequence that has a great T-Rex encounter. It’s a surprisingly beautiful, if compact, park that offers theme park lovers from all over the globe unique rides. Instead of Spiderman there’s Transformers (which increases the quality of effects while decreasing the story) they have Madagascar and Shrek areas and the Jurassic Park area is small but with my favourite version of the water ride. Overall, it’s a great park that is now sadly lacking a star attraction in the Battlestar Galactica coasters. The human and cyclon sides were both decent coasters, especially for Vekoma, and they looked amazing. Duelling coasters are few a far between, so it’s a shame that these stunning coasters are being pulled down. They were more than just aesthetics, as the experience of them was above average (even if marginally so) and I’m sad that so few people got to ride them. They seemed to be not running more often than not and on the day I was there the queues were empty and trains dispatched with only a few riders (meaning I got to do front and back seat rides on both without waiting).

As for my hostel experience, I was trying to stay budget but this hostel was over-priced and all the hotels in Singapore were too expensive or booked up already (staying on a Saturday and booking the day before can sometimes get you some really bad deals). I bit the bullet and got a private room in a hostel that’s exterior is the building seen in the above photos. The room I had was noisy (night club open until 4am next door) and windowless and had a really disgusting musty smell. I wouldn’t have minded, if the price was reasonable. The kitchen and dining area was really nice with a balcony to sit on. Maybe it’s just my personal dislike of too much white. 5footway.inn, isn’t awful but unless you get a better deal than me it’s not really worth the price. Looking on the website, it seems like if I booked today the prices are less than half of what I paid, which would make the room worth it.

Singapore is somewhere on my list to return to, so I can get to do some of the sightseeing my food poisoning prevented me from doing.


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