entrance to ocean kingdom

It was the first weekend of March when I decided to take my first trip over the border. Not the regular border that most Westerner’s pass through from Hong Kong into mainland, I went through Dou Men ferry port. I have never been in such a small passport control office before. There seemed to only be one boat that arrived from Hong Kong every day (and one that was travelling back too).

dou men ferry port waiting room

Our ferry crossing was pleasant, a very uncrowded boat with a kitchen upfront and friendly staff. Border crossing was very stress free. Even if I found it strange that we had to fill out forms in the pens they provided. I tried to fill mine out in my own pen so I didn’t have to wait for someone else to finish, but apparently that’s a no-no. We got onto our bus to Ocean Kingdom on Hengqin Island last as we were one of only 3 foreigners on the ferry.

china dou men bus

The bus was on it’s last legs but it was actually not too bad of a journey. The roads were pretty awful but the driving was fine. There were a surprising number of bikes on the road too. It took us much longer than expected as we’d actually sailed past the place we were going to and were driving backwards (travel agents trying to save a buck, I guess).  We realised because we had floated past Macau, which is adjacent to Hengqin Island.

macau tower

We had gone a long way round, but sometimes that’s the way of it. I become much less worried about these kinds of things when I have a roller coaster to ride. We arrived at the INCREDIBLY GRAND Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel. I mean, this place was insane.

chimelong hengqin bay hotel
chimelong hengqin bay hotel

Insane but so much of it was unfinished! One great surprise was that we got free front of the line access, to the very few rides that were open. No waiting for Flying Over the Rainforest for us.

ocean kingdom park tickets and front of line wristbands
ocean kingdom park tickets and front of line wristbands

We went to our room to drop our stuff off and get ready for the theme park and that’s when we were really impressed. The room was huge, the bathroom amazing and the view was spectacular. You could see the theme park (and later the fireworks from our room). There was even a table and chairs on the very spacious balcony.

the room in chimelong hengqin bay hotel
the room in chimelong hengqin bay hotel
and the amazing view

That’s all for part 1. In part 2, I’ll show you the theme park and more of the hotel.


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