While deciding to start a travel blog I realised I had already set up a wordpress and had never used it. Great! Step one: done. So here I am feeling like I have to prove the necessity of this blog. I have been to a fair few places, but I’m not anywhere near as prolific as other people I have met. However, I hope that I have a unique perspective.

My travels could never be described as luxury travel, but they aren’t budget stays either. You probably won’t find many pictures of hostels and tales of me trying to find the cheapest noodle place.

I plan my trips out into such detail some people call me insane and others ask me to do all that work for them. I check flight websites every day for deals. Always have ten trips I am planning in my head, from the day trips to month-long jaunts.

Usually they are planned around two things: cities and theme parks. Singapore to visit their Universal. LA to hit up Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Zhuhai to explore the newest theme park Ocean Kingdom.

I do my research when it comes to food as well. I want to try the dish that each place is famous for, get in line for the best cheap eats and just generally pig out on anything that sounds amazing, unique but not too scary. I don’t think I could eat any animals brains but I’ve tried chickens feet and raw horse.

I’m from London (well, Croydon) England and am currently living in Hong Kong. My jobs stops me from travelling as much as I like but I try and sneak in as much as I can. My next short trip in Zhuhai in early March. The next long one is 6 weeks in the USA.


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